Wanting More Out Of Life

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Is it greedy to want more out of life? To not just be happy with what you’ve got? It feels greedy. And ungrateful. 

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Fleabag And The Insecure Russian Dolls

Introducing your new favourite band…or just my three favourite shows at the moment. Possibly of all time except for maybe GoT (but let’s not mention Game of Thrones right now, I’m still raw about it!)

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Quote Of The Month – April 2019


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We all have so many negative thoughts about our bodies but the idea of being made of toes could be the beginning of a really, really weird and wonderful story. Continue reading

Coming To Terms With Being A Writer

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“Coming to terms.” It makes it sound like a task, a chore, a bereavement. It sounds like something I don’t want or maybe even something that I’m forcing.

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mason jar
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It was so bright outside.

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One Of The Wrongs In This World

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I was thinking the other day about what my life would be like if I was gay.

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Dialogue #6 – I Saved Your Life!

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Image Source/ Writing Prompt: Deep Water Writing Prompts

Man 1: I saved your life!

Man 2: You pushed me off a building.

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