The Top Of My Head

They watch as it grows up, not down, defying gravity

Not understanding the magnitude of what they actually see Continue reading


Ripped From The Headlines


“You can’t put that in there!” Michael was exhausted, this was the last thing they needed. “You know we can’t afford the fine.”

“What else am I supposed to do with it?” Continue reading

What Is Love?


Source: Pixabay

I don’t even know where to start. But I suppose I can only say what I think, because what you think love is, is completely dictated by your life experiences. No-one will have the same answer as you, there is no right or wrong, it just is what it is. Continue reading

End Of The World


Source: Promptuarium

You would think knowing what I know that I’d try to do something about it. The world is ending in less than 180 days and after years of being treated like a crazy person trying to decipher this ancient language, I’ll let the world burn out of spite. Continue reading

The Destroyers


Image: @awriterslifeforme (IG)

He looked out the window in awe, amazed by the colourful landscape and endless horizon.

“So this is Earth. It’s even more beautiful than I imagined,” he mumbled to himself. Continue reading

End 2017. Start 2018.

20171231_195557.jpgAnother year down and at this point in the year, many of us will have broken our New Years Resolutions already. And that’s okay. I purposefully don’t make them, so I don’t break them.

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Your Book

She had been drawn to this library. She wasn’t a reader or a writer but there was a draw. It was like a string was wrapped around her heart. There was a winch on this spot where she stood now and it had pulled her all the way here. Out of her house, into her car, through traffic to this moment. Continue reading