The Interview


I wasn’t completely sure if I’d go for the job but I did and now I’ve got an interview. I should be happy. Why can’t I just be happy?

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20180325_215140.jpgIt’s liberating to let the veil of perfect motherhood fall Continue reading

The Muses


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Or more accurately, My Muse. A muse, as you know, is your artistic inspiration. Someone that gets those creative juices flowing. Some people don’t need one but I certainly do. I’ll explain who this gorgeous man is shortly.

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The Kitchen


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They both collapsed to the floor, glistening from the thin layer of sweat on their bodies, breathing heavy and smiling at each other. The tiles were warm from the under floor heating so it was cosier than you would imagine.

“It’s good to know everything still works down there!” He chuckled, he wasn’t really talking to her, mostly to himself. They both laid flat on their backs staring at the ceiling, basking in the glorious moments that come after.

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Almost All I Have Is You


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Something happened recently that made me realise that I have little in my life that makes me truly happy, the top of that list is family and my writing. I could be (and probably am) filling my little slot on the internet with crap but it’s my crap. So it might not be good writing but I am writing and that’s all I ever wanted.

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Am I A Failure?

loser-3096213_1280-pixabay-geraltAm I a failure? Yes. But only by your standards. Continue reading

Waiting For Opportunity


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I’ve been waiting for a job to become available where I work. And today the job advert went out. I was excited. I was urged on by my colleagues to apply for it. That encouragement warmed my heart but there is a part of me that doesn’t want to go for it. Continue reading