This Girls Is A Peninsula


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No man is an island, but this girl is a peninsula. Or sometimes it feels like I am. Continue reading



Don’t you just hate when a draft accidentally gets published! 😱

Hey, but at least it got a like!

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Quote Of The Month


I love a good quote, who doesn’t? They’re definitely making my other blogs Instagram look quite tidy! But quotes aren’t just to show you’re IG ready, they can be quite insightful, inspiring and funny too. Continue reading

Swept Up


The day had been the usual mix of spilt coffee, rude customers and small tips. Rae wasn’t sure why she still worked here, something to do with keeping a roof over head or some other such nonsense.

Then the little bell that goes off when the door opens dinged, she looked up and the only light that ever showed up at work was there shining.

He was also the person she wanted to see least in the world.

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I Just Want Everyone To Be Happier

20180918_222600-1.pngNo bulls**t here, I just want everyone to be happier. I know, I specifically said no more happy clappy BS! Continue reading

Dialogue #3 – Wrapped Up


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I always thought my wife and kids were enough. That our love was enough. That the happiness they make me feel is enough. And then I met you.

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Candy – The Sweetest Girl In The World


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Selena had had another awful day at work. It was what she expected, every day to be awful.  There was so little positive stuff for her to look forward to at the moment. One uneventful, bad day blurring into another. Continue reading