Untitled Writing Project #2


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I felt so positive after sharing my last 1000 words and was completely serious about doing it on a regular basis so here I go again. I was tempted to carry the story on from last time but I just wasn’t quite feeling it so I’ve started again. As you may notice, I have a thing about the more sci-fi, fantasy type story. Who doesn’t love a bit of The Hunger Games as jolly bedtime reading?

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Untitled Writing Project #1


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I have written 1000 words of the beginning of a story which I am going to make public, here, now. I’ve said previously that when I show people unfinished work, I never then go on to finish it. The aim here is not necessarily to write a whole finished story but to write SOMETHING and let the fear go of people seeing it and judging it. Also, a thousand words seems like a reasonable way to start, I need to practice and it is an achievable goal when I’ve got three kids running around and a house to look after. So here goes, one thousand words…

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My Name Is Leona And I Think I Am A Writer…Maybe


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So I obviously fancy myself a writer a little bit as I’ve started a blog. But when I describe or sheepishly refer to myself as a writer or talk about my aspirations of writing, this is talking about fiction. Writing about myself or my hair and my weight is pretty easy. Easy in comparison to letting people read my stories. As much as I’m allowing people into my world when I describe the issues with my hair or my body, it is completely different allowing you to read a story of mine. It’s like letting someone peer into my soul.

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Hello, Anybody Out There?

2017-01-27 13.50.35wwI have another blog, woefultofrofull.com, that I thought could be all things to all people, but I have quickly realised that as much as I love that blog, my writing didn’t quite fit. So this is a space for me to publish random ideas, pieces of fiction and maybe the odd spot of poetry and hopefully get some feedback.

I know there are a million blogs in the blogosphere, I know there are hundreds of thousands that are about writing and there are probably thousands more that are better than this. But if you stick with me, I promise I’ll get better. I’m not there yet but I am about to take the first step of my journey.

I have had a passion for writing since I was kid and I hope to show that passion to you here and now. Maybe, there could be something special here for you…

So hello and welcome to My Woeful World.

xx woeful writes xx