This Body Has Carried Babies


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I should stand proudly and without fear, my hands caressing my bulging belly

Because I carried babies in here Continue reading




Salvador Dali: The Persistence Of Memory

It felt like time was standing still. All eyes were on her and she hated being the centre of attention. Continue reading

Open Diaries

“It’s not even that interesting.” Sheryl nonchalantly said to the so-called friend who was holding her diary. Inside she was quaking, if that book was opened, if anyone saw what she had written, she would quite literally die. Continue reading


Tommy had been shouting at her all morning. She wasn’t entirely sure why. Nothing she did or said was ever good enough for him. It was so intense being with him, the demands and the pressure. Lucy used to hate her job. Now it was the place she went for some solace. A few moments of quiet before the noise of home.  Continue reading

The Spark


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She looked directly into the spark. Her mother had specifically told her not to but she couldn’t help but stare into it. Continue reading

June 7 2017 – One Year


This blog began on 7th June 2017, or at least that’s what my calendar says. It was created because my fiction writing and random life thoughts didn’t seem to fit well with my other blog.

But here they found a home. Continue reading

How I See Me


I was trying to think of a beautiful and uplifting way of describing how I see myself. And the only response I could think of is that I don’t. I don’t see me. I’ve spent years hiding myself. I’ve spent so long diminishing who I am, that it’s been easier to be nobody. Continue reading