The GDPR Is Coming…

Just a quick little post to make sure I am as GDPR compliant as I possibly can be! This is new legislation that comes into force on 25th May 2018 that you may or may not have received a million emails about by now.

I have created a new page with my Privacy and Site Policy for those that have trouble sleeping…
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The Leftovers

I promise this won’t contain any spoilers and even now the show is over and it has been for a little while, I feel I need to share a little bit of the beauty and insanity that was The Leftovers. Seek it out however you can *legally* and try to make sense of it all. It will be worth it, I promise! Continue reading

Disappointment Leads To Change


Source: Kat Smith via Pexels

The interview had gone so well. She’d lived her whole life afraid of change. Afraid to apply for jobs. And when she had found the courage in the past to apply, she panicked in the interview. But not today. Today she was fierce. Continue reading

Prince Charming


Source: Pixabay via Pexels

She woke up wondering if last night had been all a dream. She had never had a night like it in her life. She had been swept off her feet by the most handsome man in the room, possibly the most handsome man in existence. He had noticed her when she didn’t feel like she was worthy of being noticed. There were clearly more attractive women there but he only had eyes for her.


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The Interview


I wasn’t completely sure if I’d go for the job but I did and now I’ve got an interview. I should be happy. Why can’t I just be happy?

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20180325_215140.jpgIt’s liberating to let the veil of perfect motherhood fall Continue reading

The Muses


Source: IMDb

Or more accurately, My Muse. A muse, as you know, is your artistic inspiration. Someone that gets those creative juices flowing. Some people don’t need one but I certainly do. I’ll explain who this gorgeous man is shortly.

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