Doing That Thing Again – NaNo 2018


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How Do I Not?


How do I not kiss your lips that make that beautiful smile? Continue reading


He shook me so violently my eyes began to hurt.

“What the hell is wrong with you? What do you mean the timeline?”

He let go and smashed his clenched fists against the lift walls.

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Self Reflection Is Hard

20180406_204939.jpgI’ve realised that it’s so hard to confront myself. To look inside and share what’s there. Continue reading



Blank square on my grid to replicate the blank stare I’m giving you

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Was The Social Media Break Worth It?


What has my social media break taught me? That my blogs don’t need me as much as I think or would like, for a start. Continue reading

Temporary Goodbyes – Woeful Writes


My plan is to log out of all social media and my blogs for the next couple of weeks. Of course, I’m worried I’ll miss stuff, that I’ll be disconnected from things I love and that might inspire me. I’ll miss moments that mean so much to others that mean something to me. But remember there was life before the internet was accessible in our hands 24/7.

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