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“You’re such an a**hole. Why are you like this? Why are you always like this?”

It had been almost 47 minutes since Guy had insulted her. She knew because she was looking at her phone at the time, trying to ignore him until he stopped talking. And with that last remark, he did indeed stop, impatiently waited for a reaction from her for a moment, didn’t get one and left in a huff like a grumpy teenager.

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Day 14

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A lot has happened in the 14 days I’ve been in self-isolation with my family and working from home.

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Old AF

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I recently found a grey hair. The world makes you think that’s the end. Your life is over. It’s something you should hide. It’s something you should try to erase. It’s not normal to willingly let the natural processes of your body happen. You MUST try to prevent it, cover it, stop it. Cease all physical change. NOW!!!!

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Day One

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And So It Begins…

It’s such a weird situation that everyone in the world is consumed about the exact same thing at the same time. I’ve never known anything like this in my lifetime. I hope I never know anything like it again.

Unless we’re all patting ourselves on the back for creating world peace.

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Quote Of The Month – March 2020


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Quote Of The Month – January 2020


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Quote Of The Month – November 2019


I always tell myself it’s too late to change. That you’re over the hill now. You’ve missed your chance.

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Quote Of The Month – October 2019


I would go so far to call it brave. A type of bravery that most of us don’t have. Continue reading

Cat Dog Wolf

“Cat! Cat!”

Matt looked out of the window of his flat and saw his neighbour shouting in the park across the road. They hadn’t really ever spoken and when he’d bumped into her in the lobby, her attitude was frosty at best. He closed his curtain, sat down on his sagging sofa and turned up the volume on the TV.

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Quote Of The Month -August 2019


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