Quote Of The Month – October 2019


I would go so far to call it brave. A type of bravery that most of us don’t have. Continue reading


Cat Dog Wolf

“Cat! Cat!”

Matt looked out of the window of his flat and saw his neighbour shouting in the park across the road. They hadn’t really ever spoken and when he’d bumped into her in the lobby, her attitude was frosty at best. He closed his curtain, sat down on his sagging sofa and turned up the volume on the TV.

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Quote Of The Month -August 2019


That’s good to know because I’m remembering less and less in my old age. Continue reading


Image courtesy of Pexels from pixabay.com

Someone I’ve known for over a decade recently passed away. They were a colleague and a friend. Although I would question whether I was as good a friend as I could have been when they needed it.

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Retribution – Part 3

Part 1 / Part 2

S: Good morning Mrs Sullivan.

G: Please call me Gloria.

S: Then, please call me Selena.

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Retribution – Part 1

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“This world is cold, dark and cruel and our mere presence in it only makes it worse. In this presentation, I intend to…”

“Excuse me Selena, if this is another attempt to speak negatively about Retribution, this is really not the forum.”

“But we were asked to talk about something we’re passionate about.”

The teacher shook her head disapprovingly.

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Harry Potter And The Six Hundred Excuses Not To Read Or Watch It

Some of you may have seen when I accidentally published this as a draft a little while ago…oops! Well here is the post in all it’s glory. By the way, doesn’t this sound like a plausible HP title. Bit wordy, but still…

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