Quote Of The Month – January 2020


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Quote Of The Month -August 2019


That’s good to know because I’m remembering less and less in my old age. Continue reading

My Top 6 Blog Posts

I guess there are several ways I could’ve picked my Top 6 Blog Posts. Is it my top 6 most viewed? The most liked? The ones that were easiest to write? The ones hardest to write? The ones that stood out the most to me when I had a quick flick through my published posts? I’m not telling you how I chose though!

And I know 6 is a weird number.

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Quote Of The Month – July 2019


I think myself and Mark Twain are soul siblings. Continue reading

Quote Of The Month – May 2019


Who isn’t guilty of saying all of the things they want to say? Continue reading


mason jar
Image Source: Pixabay on Pexels

It was so bright outside.

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She Is The Universe

Image Source – Promptuarium

She stood with the whole universe laid in front, behind, above and below her. The power coursing through her veins was indescribable. Continue reading