Quote Of The Month – February 2020


I’m guilty of this. I’m guilty of over thinking things and missing the joy of a moment. I aim to stop this. Continue reading

Quote Of The Month – November 2019


I always tell myself it’s too late to change. That you’re over the hill now. You’ve missed your chance.

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Quote Of The Month – September 2019


Easier said than done because I like to hold a grudge. Continue reading


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Someone I’ve known for over a decade recently passed away. They were a colleague and a friend. Although I would question whether I was as good a friend as I could have been when they needed it.

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Retribution – Part 2

Part 1

Finding out that my daughter had died was the worst moment of my life. Finding out how was the beginning of the end.

The trial was quick. They always were these days. The evidence was overwhelming. He was unrepentant. Retribution was the punishment. As it was my right and duty, I chose to enact it.

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“Brexit is so…”

“Tragic.” “Sexy.”

Sexy! Really?! The date wasn’t going well and then he made that comment. Normally, if someone says something just downright weird, I let it go because I honestly don’t need to go down that rabbit hole with them. But Brexit…sexy? I couldn’t help myself.

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Quote Of The Month – May 2019


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Adjusting: The New Job

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I’ve been in my new job for a little while now and I think I like it. I thought I’d like the change because I needed it, but I think I might like my job.

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Coming To Terms With Being A Writer

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“Coming to terms.” It makes it sound like a task, a chore, a bereavement. It sounds like something I don’t want or maybe even something that I’m forcing.

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mason jar
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It was so bright outside.

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