Quote Of The Month – September 2019


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Someone I’ve known for over a decade recently passed away. They were a colleague and a friend. Although I would question whether I was as good a friend as I could have been when they needed it.

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Quote Of The Month – July 2019


I think myself and Mark Twain are soul siblings. Continue reading

Quote Of The Month – June 2019


Self deprication is powerfully negative. I do it all the time. Continue reading

Quote Of The Month – May 2019


Who isn’t guilty of saying all of the things they want to say? Continue reading

Wanting More Out Of Life

Is it greedy to want more out of life? To not just be happy with what you’ve got? It feels greedy. And ungrateful. 

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Coming To Terms With Being A Writer

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“Coming to terms.” It makes it sound like a task, a chore, a bereavement. It sounds like something I don’t want or maybe even something that I’m forcing.

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