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“Brexit is so…”

“Tragic.” “Sexy.”

Sexy! Really?! The date wasn’t going well and then he made that comment. Normally, if someone says something just downright weird, I let it go because I honestly don’t need to go down that rabbit hole with them. But Brexit…sexy? I couldn’t help myself.

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“When I come back, I want you gone.”

She stared at him, dead in his eyes. Rae could see that Toby wanted to say something but she also knew how and when to intimidate him. She was using her power to full effect right now. She saw his body shrink, without even moving, he seemed smaller.

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The Other Guy

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Scott was posing for a picture when she got to the party. He was doing his best casual-for-Instagram pose, his serious eyes staring off into the distance but being completely aware of his surroundings. His natural confidence shone through.

However, he was so aware that even through his intense concentration he noticed and recognised Rae from the fuzzy silhouette that had appeared in a far off doorway, just about in his eyeline. He broke character and smiled at her, she smiled back as she headed to the kitchen to get a drink. The photographer reprimanded him for losing focus.

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One Of The Wrongs In This World

I was thinking the other day about what my life would be like if I was gay.

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Dialogue #6 – I Saved Your Life!

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Man 1: I saved your life!

Man 2: You pushed me off a building.

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Dialogue #5 – Shot


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[Toby’s birthday party.]

Toby: I think the least I deserve is a birthday kiss.

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He sits there like he’s normal. Like noone’s watching. Like he’s just another person in a room. Like he’s nothing special. Continue reading