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“Brexit is so…”

“Tragic.” “Sexy.”

Sexy! Really?! The date wasn’t going well and then he made that comment. Normally, if someone says something just downright weird, I let it go because I honestly don’t need to go down that rabbit hole with them. But Brexit…sexy? I couldn’t help myself.

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The Other Guy

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Scott was posing for a picture when she got to the party. He was doing his best casual-for-Instagram pose, his serious eyes staring off into the distance but being completely aware of his surroundings. His natural confidence shone through.

However, he was so aware that even through his intense concentration he noticed and recognised Rae from the fuzzy silhouette that had appeared in a far off doorway, just about in his eyeline. He broke character and smiled at her, she smiled back as she headed to the kitchen to get a drink. The photographer reprimanded him for losing focus.

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Dialogue #6 – I Saved Your Life!

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Man 1: I saved your life!

Man 2: You pushed me off a building.

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Dialogue #5 – Shot


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[Toby’s birthday party.]

Toby: I think the least I deserve is a birthday kiss.

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Emily looked at herself in the mirror, inspecting every inch of what she could see. “This old girl has still got it!” She hadn’t dressed like this in a while and it felt so good. It wasn’t just stepping into an old outfit, it was stepping into her old self.

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Dialogue #4 – The Silver Fox

20180814_222750.pngJake enters the office.

Jake: I’m so glad you’re still here, I’ve been trying to accidentally bump into you for about a week!

Sienna: Why does it have to be an accident? You know where I work, literally just down the hall from you.

J: I dunno. Just feels weird having seen you everyday while I was mentoring you and now it’s over, we pretty much just go back to the way things were before.

S: Are you worried you’re gonna to miss me?

J: Well actually, yes. I was hoping I could ask you out for dinner or something now the project’s over.

S: Oh.

J: I’m sorry, I thought…I’ve misread this situation, haven’t I?

S: It’s not that.

J: I know that things could look a little shady with having seniority over you but I’m not your direct superior and now I’m not mentoring you, I just, y’know thought, I don’t know, I’d seen some signals and I’m embarrassing myself and making you feel awkward.

S: You didn’t misread anything. I just thought you were gay?

J: Gay!

S: I told someone I liked you and she said, what’s the point? He’s gay. And I’d never thought you were before then. I mean you’re not stereotypically gay or whatever that means and seriously, what does that even mean? It hadn’t even crossed my mind. And I shouldn’t believe rumours but as soon as it was said…

J: You went off me?

S: It was just hard to see past it.

J: I’m not gay. I guess you could call me Bi but I’m really Pan.

S: Where you just want to be loved by anybody?

He throws his hands up dramatically.

J: Anyone! Maybe everyone thinks I’m gay because my last major relationship was with a guy which was years ago before I even moved here but I date women too. Openly. Loudly. I always have. I am very attracted to women. Very attracted. I’m very attracted to you.

S: You’ll make me blush.

J: Too late.

S: This is so weird. I’ve never knowingly been with a guy that’s been with other guys.

J: I’m glad you said knowingly.

S: And if a friend was in this position, I’d be telling her it doesn’t matter who he’s been with in the past if he likes you now.

J: And now you’re in it?

S: I hate how I sound but I don’t know how comfortable I am with this.

J: It’s okay this is new to you and you clearly didn’t see this coming or me asking you out. I wanted to get to know you better because I think I really, really like you. And that’s putting pressure on you so I’m sorry. I should probably leave now, I’ve already made a big enough dick of myself.

S: I’m flattered. And I really like you too but I have in my head that you’re gay and this could never be so it’s a weird hurdle to overcome.

J: I thought everyone called me The Silver Fox behind my back, I didn’t realise they were saying I was gay. I’m not stupid, I can see why they would. They just don’t understand. You don’t understand.

S: I guess I don’t.

J: This was not how I was expecting this conversation to go. I’m gonna head home now and cry into my pillow. Good night.

S: Night.

He leans in to kiss her on the cheek and can’t help but kiss her on the lips while he’s there. She kisses back.

S: Maybe I’ve been a bit rash.

They both laugh.

S: So you wanted to take me out?

J: I did. I do.

S: Are you free right now?

xx woeful writes xx

This scenario was inspired by a friend of mine that’s on a mentoring programme. She IS NOT in a relationship with her mentor but as all my  story ideas skew towards romance, what if she was? I’m not sure why Jake’s pansexual, I suppose I’ve been reading a lot about sexuality in the news. Everybody needs love.

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Swept Up


The day had been the usual mix of spilt coffee, rude customers and small tips. Rae wasn’t sure why she still worked here, something to do with keeping a roof over head or some other such nonsense.

Then the little bell that goes off when the door opens dinged, she looked up and the only light that ever showed up at work was there shining.

He was also the person she wanted to see least in the world.

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