Quote Of The Month – September 2019


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Quote Of The Month -August 2019


That’s good to know because I’m remembering less and less in my old age. Continue reading

My Top 6 Blog Posts

I guess there are several ways I could’ve picked my Top 6 Blog Posts. Is it my top 6 most viewed? The most liked? The ones that were easiest to write? The ones hardest to write? The ones that stood out the most to me when I had a quick flick through my published posts? I’m not telling you how I chose though!

And I know 6 is a weird number.

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Quote Of The Month – May 2019


Who isn’t guilty of saying all of the things they want to say? Continue reading

Fleabag And The Insecure Russian Dolls

Introducing your new favourite band…or just my three favourite shows at the moment. Possibly of all time except for maybe GoT (but let’s not mention Game of Thrones right now, I’m still raw about it!)

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Quote Of The Month – March 2019


She had some good quotes, didn’t she? Continue reading

Quote Of The Month


I love a good quote, who doesn’t? They’re definitely making my other blogs Instagram look quite tidy! But quotes aren’t just to show you’re IG ready, they can be quite insightful, inspiring and funny too. Continue reading