Retribution – Part 1

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“This world is cold, dark and cruel and our mere presence in it only makes it worse. In this presentation, I intend to…”

“Excuse me Selena, if this is another attempt to speak negatively about Retribution, this is really not the forum.”

“But we were asked to talk about something we’re passionate about.”

The teacher shook her head disapprovingly.

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Fleabag And The Insecure Russian Dolls

Introducing your new favourite band…or just my three favourite shows at the moment. Possibly of all time except for maybe GoT (but let’s not mention Game of Thrones right now, I’m still raw about it!)

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He sits there like he’s normal. Like noone’s watching. Like he’s just another person in a room. Like he’s nothing special. Continue reading

Swept Up


The day had been the usual mix of spilt coffee, rude customers and small tips. Rae wasn’t sure why she still worked here, something to do with keeping a roof over head or some other such nonsense.

Then the little bell that goes off when the door opens dinged, she looked up and the only light that ever showed up at work was there shining.

He was also the person she wanted to see least in the world.

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Dialogue #3 – Wrapped Up


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I always thought my wife and kids were enough. That our love was enough. That the happiness they make me feel is enough. And then I met you.

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Dialogue #1 – Toby and Rae


[Loud knock at the door, Rae opens the door]

Rae: You have got to be f***ing kidding me?

[Rae slams the door shut]

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Untitled Writing Project #6

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She didn’t say it in a friendly way but he looked up as he knew that voice. He had yearned to hear that voice again.

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