Swept Up


The day had been the usual mix of spilt coffee, rude customers and small tips. Rae wasn’t sure why she still worked here, something to do with keeping a roof over head or some other such nonsense.

Then the little bell that goes off when the door opens dinged, she looked up and the only light that ever showed up at work was there shining.

He was also the person she wanted to see least in the world.

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Fallen Angels


Image Source: Ghost Presenter via Pexels

Today was the day an angel fell in love with me.

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The Contract

“I should definitely have read it more carefully.”

“What did you say?” shouted the thug from across the room. In another time and another place, he was leading man material. His hair was perfectly shaped and styled. His suit was crisp and trendy. His teeth were the whitest Sarah had ever seen. Then he turned and you could see the large gash that someone had tried to take out of it. Continue reading

The Girl In The Back

She was looking good tonight. In fact she felt like she had outdone herself. Watching all of those YouTube tutorials had finally paid off and she had learnt the difference between looking like a clown and clown contouring. She was feeling herself. Before she left the house to jump into the waiting taxi, she did her last obligatory ass check in the hall mirror. “You got this!” she affirmed to herself. She smiled, felt good and left, ready to have the time of her life.

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Untitled Writing Project #7

wp-image-1987998692He was always watching her. He didn’t know that she knew, but she did. One night when he thought she was fast asleep, he got out of bed, pushed a panel in the wall and entered a private room on the other side of their bedroom. She had never thought that it was odd that he never let her see the plans for the house they built “together”. And now she knew it was because he was a grade A psychopath. She quietly walked up to the doorway and saw a bank of monitors each labelled with different rooms in the house. Some of the monitors were off, luckily including the one for the bedroom. She crept back into bed and pretended to be normal with him. She came down to breakfast one day a few months later, he looked at her and laughed. “You’re wearing that today?” Continue reading

Untitled Writing Project #6

2017-03-28 22.42.28ww


She didn’t say it in a friendly way but he looked up as he knew that voice. He had yearned to hear that voice again.

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Untitled Writing Project #5

2017-02-07 21.51.05w

So here goes practice number 5. I do not have a perfect marriage. Sometimes we argue, mostly bickering and usually very quickly moved on from. But I don’t see my life without my husband and when I think about it, I swear, sometimes it brings me to tears. But again, it’s not perfect. Nothing is. I hope that when people see us, they see a happy family, with flaws of course, but not people trying to project an unattainable level of happiness. Some people though, have lives that look perfect and it is far from that. What are they feeling? What are they really feeling?

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