Quote Of The Month – February 2020


I’m guilty of this. I’m guilty of over thinking things and missing the joy of a moment. I aim to stop this. Continue reading

Quote Of The Month – December 2019


I wrote this post in September 2018. I say I’m a procrastinator but I can get my s**t together when I need to. I figured if I scheduled these quote of the month posts ahead of time, that’s one less bloggy thing to worry about. Continue reading

My Top 6 Blog Posts

I guess there are several ways I could’ve picked my Top 6 Blog Posts. Is it my top 6 most viewed? The most liked? The ones that were easiest to write? The ones hardest to write? The ones that stood out the most to me when I had a quick flick through my published posts? I’m not telling you how I chose though!

And I know 6 is a weird number.

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Quote Of The Month – May 2019


Who isn’t guilty of saying all of the things they want to say? Continue reading

Wanting More Out Of Life

Is it greedy to want more out of life? To not just be happy with what you’ve got? It feels greedy. And ungrateful. 

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Dialogue #5 – Shot


Image Source: RawPixel

[Toby’s birthday party.]

Toby: I think the least I deserve is a birthday kiss.

Rae: But you’re so drunk I’m not sure if you’d remember this magic. [Points to herself] Continue reading



Image Source: Engin Akyurt via Pexels

Her name was Miracle and she was beautiful. But she wasn’t actually a miracle. She was just another kid from a broken home. Her mother, called her Miracle, because she needed hope in her life. She needed her daughter to be “the fix”. Continue reading