Practice Conversations

I would be so much more successful and confident in conversations if I were able to press pause, think, compose a draft and practice my response. I always feel on the back foot when I’m talking to people. Conversations feel so fast and I always feel like I come across like an idiot.

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Someone I’ve known for over a decade recently passed away. They were a colleague and a friend. Although I would question whether I was as good a friend as I could have been when they needed it.

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Adjusting: The New Job

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I’ve been in my new job for a little while now and I think I like it. I thought I’d like the change because I needed it, but I think I might like my job.

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Wanting More Out Of Life

Is it greedy to want more out of life? To not just be happy with what you’ve got? It feels greedy. And ungrateful. 

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I Just Want Everyone To Be Happier

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Temporary Goodbyes – Woeful Writes


My plan is to log out of all social media and my blogs for the next couple of weeks. Of course, I’m worried I’ll miss stuff, that I’ll be disconnected from things I love and that might inspire me. I’ll miss moments that mean so much to others that mean something to me. But remember there was life before the internet was accessible in our hands 24/7.

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This Body Has Carried Babies


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I should stand proudly and without fear, my hands caressing my bulging belly

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