Quote Of The Month -August 2019


That’s good to know because I’m remembering less and less in my old age.I feel like I don’t lie. Well big lies anyway. Because everyone lies. And I don’t count the little lies you tell your kids to stop them asking questions or to explain why you can eat chocolate and they can’t as “actual” lies.

But real big lies. I don’t think I do that. I like to think I’m honest. I like to think that I’m trustworthy. I like to think I’m a good person but I guess you can’t be a judge of that. And the real truth only tends to come out either when you’re not in earshot or you’re not of this world anymore.

Maybe as a writer/aspiring writer, you have to lie a lot. You have to create falsehoods and you have to make people not only believe in them, but invest in them emotionally.

Maybe I’m the worst kind of person. Perhaps I’m a big fat liar. Or just maybe I’m a decent writer…

Happy 1st of the month!


xx woeful writes xx

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