My Top 6 Blog Posts

I guess there are several ways I could’ve picked my Top 6 Blog Posts. Is it my top 6 most viewed? The most liked? The ones that were easiest to write? The ones hardest to write? The ones that stood out the most to me when I had a quick flick through my published posts? I’m not telling you how I chose though!

And I know 6 is a weird number.

In no particular order –

  1. An Interview With Woeful Writes

It’s me, Woeful Writes!

I was so proud, chuffed, overwhelmed and happy that Annika Spalding gave me a shout out on her website.

That my words had made enough of an impact on her that she thought I could share some wisdom with others.

I feel like quite the novice in the pack of writers that she chose to highlight but I will forever be grateful for my little moment in the spotlight. And also, I had another author notice me!

2. Swept Up

I remember seeing Toby Stephens in Black Sails and I thought wow. I’ve seen things with him in before but I don’t think he registered with me until I saw Captain Flint.

But it wasn’t just the character, it was him. I started watching other things he’s been in and he has something so special. That X Factor. Hence me using him as a muse on several occasions for my “Toby & Rae” stories. I could’ve been more imaginative with his name, I know!

3. Ripped From The Headlines

When I was part of Annika Spalding’s writing group on Facebook, we used to get regular writing prompts. One of my favourite ones ever was the idea of writing a short story from a random headline in the paper.

The headline I chose was about fines for overfilling your bins. I know, it’s truly riveting stuff. And I didn’t know what I was going to write when I first started, I just knew that was the one. It’s not perfect, I’m sure the flaws in it are visible for all, but I’m really proud of this piece.

4. The Girl In The Back

I don’t normally write anything that is so easily traceable to my real life, I tend to hide my insecurities or experiences inside other stories.

But here, I feel a little exposed. I always have some form of apprehension when I go out on a girls night with my friends. I always feel like I must be spoiling the pictures, that I’m dragging everyone else down. It usually fades after a few vodka and cokes but I haven’t got to the point where it’s not there at all.

Getting there though.

5. Retribution Part One, Two And Three

Photo by Pixabay on

I think this is possibly a bit of a cheat as it’s 3 posts and even though they’re linked, they are very different to each other.

I guess, whether it is objectively good or bad, wasn’t really the point. I was trying something different and I’m proud of it, like the other posts I am artfully signposting you to!

6. Fleabag And The Insecure Russian Dolls

I was gushing about these 3 shows, Fleabag, Insecure and Russian Doll because they’re so, so, just, ugh words fail me.

But they didn’t when I wrote this piece, so go check it out because I said everything I needed to say there.

Watch these shows…now!

Have a look around my little old blog and discover what I’m all about.

xx woeful writes xx

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