Quote Of The Month – July 2019


I think myself and Mark Twain are soul siblings.

But I know, in my social awkwardness, that I sometimes interrupt people because I have a thought that I want to get out before I lose my bottle.

So I’m sorry if you ever thought I’ve cut you off. I don’t mean to.

Maybe I come across as confident, that’s what I hope to think, but I feel quite shy. I have to push myself to speak up in certain situations. Like in work, talking about work stuff. I’m confident. I’ve done it for over a decade. I know my stuff or at least enough to blag people into believing I know my stuff.

But in normal conversation, talking about life stuff, I’m only truly comfortable with my husband. In almost every other situation, I can feel how much thought I’m putting into the things I’m saying.

When I’m with friends and family, I’m that bit more comfortable but I’m still filled with trepidation deep down. With people I know less well, I really start to struggle.

I guess part of the battle has been won because I’m aware of my shortcoming. Doesn’t stop me from doing it though. It’s something I have to work on. Being confident in myself but also in knowing people do want to hear what I have to say and I don’t have to rush.

I would say that I should talk with everyone like I talk with my husband but I think the general public is too easily offended!


xx woeful writes xx

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