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“Brexit is so…”

“Tragic.” “Sexy.”

Sexy! Really?! The date wasn’t going well and then he made that comment. Normally, if someone says something just downright weird, I let it go because I honestly don’t need to go down that rabbit hole with them. But Brexit…sexy? I couldn’t help myself.

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Game Of Thrones: Did I Get Any Of It Right?

Our watch has ended. Wow, we’ve all been through a lot over the last few years, I’m still reeling from what happened to this guy ^^^. But I’ve never been so excited to have a show I love end.

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Harry Potter And The Six Hundred Excuses Not To Read Or Watch It

Some of you may have seen when I accidentally published this as a draft a little while ago…oops! Well here is the post in all it’s glory. By the way, doesn’t this sound like a plausible HP title. Bit wordy, but still…

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“When I come back, I want you gone.”

She stared at him, dead in his eyes. Rae could see that Toby wanted to say something but she also knew how and when to intimidate him. She was using her power to full effect right now. She saw his body shrink, without even moving, he seemed smaller.

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Quote Of The Month – May 2019


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