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Image Source: Pixabay on Pexels

It was so bright outside.

The world outside her closed eyes was harsh and bright. The edges of her eyelids hurt at the thought of being opened. To see what she had left behind after the night she had wasn’t worth ruining her good mood. It was easier to keep her eyes closed and pretend that there was no such thing as a world outside.

Red dots danced across the inside of her eyelids. Something was happening out there but it wasn’t enough to pry apart the doors to seeing.

It felt nice for a while. She’d been on the sand so long that she was almost a part of it, the ground beneath had shaped to her form, sand above starting to blanket her.

The quiet, early morning was so peaceful. If only she could stay this way forever.

The ground began to quake, her sandy bed no longer gave the same comfort. She realised she had a choice to make, to succumb or to confront. Her little game of procrastination ended abruptly.

The shaking of the earth grew more ferocious and her eyes opened immediately. She finally saw what she had been trying to avoid with her little games.

God saw everything that she had made, and indeed, it was very bad. 

xx woeful writes xx

  • I am not a religious person but I realised my final line was sounding like Genesis 1:31 (I had to Google it to be sure) so I changed it to reflect the wording from the Bible more accurately. Which in turn made me change the title from “The Light” to “Creation.” Light was my original inspiration for today’s post.

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