June 7 2017 – One Year


This blog began on 7th June 2017, or at least that’s what my calendar says. It was created because my fiction writing and random life thoughts didn’t seem to fit well with my other blog.

But here they found a home.

Now, blog no. 1 has been ticking along for over 18 months and I never thought when I started that one that I’d have two! Neither are statistically successful but in them I have started to find myself. I guess that’s it is it’s own sort of success, perhaps better than money and recognition. Well maybe not money…

There have been times when I’ve thought no-one was reading and to be honest, the WordPress stats supported that assumption, but I’ve kept on writing nonetheless. I’ve had some great feedback, likes, comments and even a feature from one of my faves on the web, Annika Spalding.

In this first year, I participated in my first NanoWriMo which wasn’t even ever on the cards…and I completed it! I haven’t necessarily capitalised on that mini-success but I haven’t stopped thinking of ideas and making old ideas better. The floodgates have opened and the stories never stop now.

I should probably be concerned about all the voices in my head though.

I’ve written some throwaway stuff but some pieces I’m really proud of like my ripped from the headlines piece, The Girl In The Back and Your Book (my best work perhaps). I’ve talked about how I get inspired and how I deal with some of my writing struggles. And I think that’s what I’ll keep doing.

I would like to say that I’m going into year 2 with some amazing things planned but the only thing I NEED to do is not stop. I’ve lived large chunks of my life without writing regularly and I know that is no life for me.

So as long as the internet has no limits on the amount of babble people can throw into the world, I’ll keep throwing it and see what sticks.

Thank you to anyone that has subscribed to this blog, read or liked a post, I hope that you see some progress and continue to watch me grow. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll witness some magic!

xx woeful writes xx



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