The GDPR Is Coming…

Just a quick little post to make sure I am as GDPR compliant as I possibly can be! This is new legislation that comes into force on 25th May 2018 that you may or may not have received a million emails about by now.

I have created a new page with my Privacy and Site Policy for those that have trouble sleeping…

As much as I would like you to stay please feel free to unsubscribe, this can be done through any emails you send, through the Reader or feel free to contact me.

And if for any reason that doesn’t work, drop me an email – I check my emails pretty much everyday.

Information collected would normally be your name and email address so I can keep you updated with new blog posts either through direct emails into your inbox or through the WordPress Reader. Information may be processed through third-party companies such as Google Analytics, MailChimp, Buffer for stat tracking, scheduling of social media and mail campaigns etc. When you visit this site, it may store your IP address and information with regard to Cookies. Any information is stored through the previously mentioned trusted companies and similar trusted third-party services to aid in the smooth running of this site.

I will only contact you with regards to blog related information, pointing to new posts or maybe a survey or two.

You can request changes, removal or access to the personal data I hold on my records for you by clicking the contact form.

But just to re-iterate, you can say goodbye at anytime.

You can also find a link to my blog policies HERE!

I’m pretty sure that’s all the boring Privacy Policy stuff out of the way.


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