End Of The World


Source: Promptuarium

You would think knowing what I know that I’d try to do something about it. The world is ending in less than 180 days and after years of being treated like a crazy person trying to decipher this ancient language, I’ll let the world burn out of spite.

I wouldn’t like to think I’m a bad person. But you probably think the worst of me now. I think you should reserve judgement because I’ll be dead too. I don’t get out of this scot-free. I’ve spent so long being a punch bag, a source of other people’s enjoyment, someone to be passed over and undermined.

I’ve had a hard life, you know? Really hard. No one ever gave me anything. I worked hard at school, then at my degree and then in my career. I worked damn hard. But hard work is very rarely actually rewarded. I lost my job. My degree means sh*t and all the extra hours at school were wasted. Until I found the Spirata.

Every single one of my dreams were about to come true. I was making the single greatest discovery in all of human history. A lost artefact that held more power than any human ever had. Ever.

At first, there was more interest than I could even handle. People were falling over themselves to get close to it and as “it” was mine, that meant they were trying to get close to me. Unfortunately, attempt after attempt after attempt ended in failure and when I couldn’t open the Spirata, the crowds fell away like peeling paint. The Spirata was eventually dismissed as the equivalent of historical fool’s gold.

Instead of being lauded like I should have been, I was ridiculed. So I spent every last minute trying to decode this powerful object, to open it and reveal its true power. But by the time I did, there was no one left to see what I’d done. The language inside was intricate and beautiful. Nothing like I had ever seen and as this sort of thing was my speciality, it was quite something.

Then I read the message and realised what it all meant. We’d found it too late. There was nothing to stop what was coming. So I suppose I’m doing the world a favour by not sharing its fate. It’s too late after all, there is no stopping the coming storm. If I told people what I knew, panic would take over, there’d be killings and looting and worse. I am doing the world a favour.

That’s what I tell myself. That’s what I’m telling you. The truth is, even if there was a way to stop this, I don’t think I should. This world is due a catastrophic event to wipe away all of the evils we have created. It was only a matter of time before something ended us. Until I found the Spirata, I was convinced it would be our own stupidity.

No, you don’t buy that one either. How about this, I’m letting it go because I’m not thinking about anyone but myself, there’s nothing here for me, so why should I care when it’s all gone? Yes, I am that selfish.

xx woeful writes xx


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