What Is Love?


Source: Pixabay

I don’t even know where to start. But I suppose I can only say what I think, because what you think love is, is completely dictated by your life experiences. No-one will have the same answer as you, there is no right or wrong, it just is what it is. Continue reading

End Of The World


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You would think knowing what I know that I’d try to do something about it. The world is ending in less than 180 days and after years of being treated like a crazy person trying to decipher this ancient language, I’ll let the world burn out of spite. Continue reading

The Destroyers


Image: @awriterslifeforme (IG)

He looked out the window in awe, amazed by the colourful landscape and endless horizon.

“So this is Earth. It’s even more beautiful than I imagined,” he mumbled to himself. Continue reading

End 2017. Start 2018.

20171231_195557.jpgAnother year down and at this point in the year, many of us will have broken our New Years Resolutions already. And that’s okay. I purposefully don’t make them, so I don’t break them.

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