NaNoWriMo Week Two: Writing From The Beach



I was not prepared to take my current writing burst on the road but my lovely husband decided to surprise me with a holiday. I know, crazy right!

We’ve only been on holiday twice together in the 11 and a half years we’ve been together, last year and this trip. So a holiday, whether I knew about it or not would be a big deal. I was told on Tuesday that I needed to pack my bags because we were leaving the next day. One of the first thoughts that went through my head was “When will I find the time to write?”

It may be sad but I had decided to make NaNoWriMo one of my priorities for the month of November. From my other blog I was starting a photo project that I had decided to undertake for months in advance and then on 31 October 2017 I decided to start NaNo. So something big was happening on both of my writing platforms. Even deciding to do NaNo was extremely last-minute, I was deeply committed.

So I lugged my laptop all the way to Portugal with the intention of having at least 1 day writing on the beach (see picture above of me not writing). Before I knew about the holiday, I had made a promise to myself to have a word buffer should any life stuff come up. I wasn’t expecting a 5 day life thing but there you go. I did write for my day on the beach as I had hoped and it was glorious except for the sun shining on my screen and hardly being able to see what I was doing, sand getting everywhere and being distracted by the view. I know, it’s awful.

But I am so grateful for this little get away. I’m proud of myself for getting some words down, about 5,500 words while away, and I enjoyed it.  There was a worry that at this point it would start to feel like a chore.

However, tonight, the 13th of November I am writing this post because I can’t find the motivation today to write towards my novel but tomorrow I need to get back on track otherwise it isn’t going to happen. I know this, I am an eternal procrastinator and someone who doesn’t always finish.

Also I know I have some more life stuff coming up at the weekend so I have no choice but to find the time to write the words. I don’t want this to be the beginning of the end. So I’m here at 19,031 words  hoping for the best. Hoping to get to 50,000. Hoping to stay on track and you never know, maybe I’ll finish early. I suppose I shouldn’t get carried away…

xx woeful writes xx

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