The Names On The Wall

The names on the wall went back over two hundred years. He knew they meant something; he just had to figure out what. Every name had a date next to it. It was the same date next to each and every one. It was today’s date, 28th September but for each year for the last couple of hundred years. Continue reading



As she had her almost wooden hands around his neck, Kirsty realised that her life had changed so much. She squeezed tighter and tighter as the transformation truly took hold of her body. After being cursed or infected or whatever the hell was happening a few months earlier, her body and her mind had started to change. She was becoming some sort of tree-human hybrid creature.

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The Contract

“I should definitely have read it more carefully.”

“What did you say?” shouted the thug from across the room. In another time and another place, he was leading man material. His hair was perfectly shaped and styled. His suit was crisp and trendy. His teeth were the whitest Sarah had ever seen. Then he turned and you could see the large gash that someone had tried to take out of it. Continue reading

The Girl In The Back

She was looking good tonight. In fact she felt like she had outdone herself. Watching all of those YouTube tutorials had finally paid off and she had learnt the difference between looking like a clown and clown contouring. She was feeling herself. Before she left the house to jump into the waiting taxi, she did her last obligatory ass check in the hall mirror. “You got this!” she affirmed to herself. She smiled, felt good and left, ready to have the time of her life.

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