No One Wants To Hear About Your Writing Struggles

2017-04-09 20.33.08wwI’ve been so focussed on sorting out my hair and skin that my writing, which is one of the main reasons I started this blog, has fallen by the wayside. It’s not surprising, these kids, being at work, tiredness and let’s be honest a lack of motivation have contributed. Also not being a one woman idea factory doesn’t help.

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Untitled Writing Project #7

wp-image-1987998692He was always watching her. He didn’t know that she knew, but she did. One night when he thought she was fast asleep, he got out of bed, pushed a panel in the wall and entered a private room on the other side of their bedroom. She had never thought that it was odd that he never let her see the plans for the house they built “together”. And now she knew it was because he was a grade A psychopath. She quietly walked up to the doorway and saw a bank of monitors each labelled with different rooms in the house. Some of the monitors were off, luckily including the one for the bedroom. She crept back into bed and pretended to be normal with him. She came down to breakfast one day a few months later, he looked at her and laughed. “You’re wearing that today?” Continue reading

Untitled Writing Project #6

2017-03-28 22.42.28ww


She didn’t say it in a friendly way but he looked up as he knew that voice. He had yearned to hear that voice again.

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I Used To Be Creative

DSC_0936 (6)wwI used to draw a lot. Not because I thought I was good but just because. Do you ever do anything just because anymore? I certainly don’t. Nothing creative anyway. I had all these story ideas and I used to draw how I thought the characters would look, I would design their wardrobes (because I was practising to be a fashion designer), I would draw their worlds and I got so much satisfaction from that, I don’t really understand why I stopped. But one day I did stop. Maybe it was when I started my GCSEs, maybe when I went to University or maybe when reality took over and the cynicism of the world hit me like a sledgehammer to the bridge of my nose. There’s no place for idle doodling when you’ve got coursework or when you’ve got to actually work!

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