Untitled Writing Project #5

2017-02-07 21.51.05w

So here goes practice number 5. I do not have a perfect marriage. Sometimes we argue, mostly bickering and usually very quickly moved on from. But I don’t see my life without my husband and when I think about it, I swear, sometimes it brings me to tears. But again, it’s not perfect. Nothing is. I hope that when people see us, they see a happy family, with flaws of course, but not people trying to project an unattainable level of happiness. Some people though, have lives that look perfect and it is far from that. What are they feeling? What are they really feeling?

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Untitled Writing Project #4


Here we go again! I don’t remember where this week’s idea came from but I really liked it (if I do say so myself). The premise is basically that you have to ruin the biggest day of someone’s life to save the world. I wrote my first 1000 words of this story but I’m not completely happy with them, not because the premise isn’t good, I think it is but because I have a lot of ideas and even after writing this, I keep changing my mind about the direction it’s going. So in short, the idea works for me, my execution is a bit shoddy but I do see where I can make it work better. I want to make it better. Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I’ve done so far, please remember this isn’t the finished article, it’s a very rough first draft of an idea. Time to share…

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Untitled Writing Project #3


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So I decided this time to try to write a romance story. It’s a hard genre for me to share as I feel like there is an assumption that it must be about me, something that has happened to me and it must be real, well more real than a story about aliens and fairies. I don’t think that you always need to bear bare bear (?) bare your soul with everything that you write but you need to put a part of your soul into everything you write.

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Learning To Love Her Learning To Read

DSC_0986wwMaybe I sound like a bad parent but watching my daughter learn to read is one of the most frustrating processes of my life. It is enjoyable, enriching, amazing and also totally tediously exasperating. I should be extolling the obvious positives of the experience and 99% of the time I will.

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