Hello, Anybody Out There?

2017-01-27 13.50.35wwI have another blog, woefultofrofull.com, that I thought could be all things to all people, but I have quickly realised that as much as I love that blog, my writing didn’t quite fit. So this is a space for me to publish random ideas, pieces of fiction and maybe the odd spot of poetry and hopefully get some feedback.

I know there are a million blogs in the blogosphere, I know there are hundreds of thousands that are about writing and there are probably thousands more that are better than this. But if you stick with me, I promise I’ll get better. I’m not there yet but I am about to take the first step of my journey.

I have had a passion for writing since I was kid and I hope to show that passion to you here and now. Maybe, there could be something special here for you…

So hello and welcome to My Woeful World.

xx woeful writes xx


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